Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook June 2009 Traffic Data

I routinely check for the latest traffic data for my favorite social media sites and was pleasantly surprised to find June’s data has been released. I will review the June traffic data for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (aka, the “Big Three”).


Twitter experienced explosive growth from February 2009 to April 2009, going from 7.9M to 19.4M unique U.S. visitors before leveling off around 19.5M visitors between April and May. However, after that brief cooling period, Twitter has experienced another spurt of growth, adding approximately 3.2M unique U.S. visitors (16.57%) to hit an all time high of 23M unique U.S. visitors in June. Okay, 22,997,148 to be exact.

Those ~23M visitors hit 150,752,603 times in June, which is a 12.05% increase.

Twitter 6 Month Traffic


LinkedIn’s experienced a bit more of a rocky path than Twitter has over the past 6 months, with unique U.S. visitors decreasing from January to February and from March to May. In June, however, LinkedIn’s number of unique U.S. visitors grew 6.07% from 11.73M to 12.45M visitors, who logged 48,371,121 visits.

LinkedIn 6 Month Traffic Data

LinkedIn 6 Month Traffic Data


I’ve been seeing Tweets referencing how Facebook had crossed the 250M member mark and was curious to see their traffic data. It’s no surprise to see them continue to grow, which they did by 8.45% in terms of adding nearly 10M unique U.S. visitors from May to June, for a total of 122,559,672 visitors. A truly staggering number comes in the form of the 1,898,910,472 visits logged to Facebook in June. Yep – almost 2 Billion visits to Facebook from the U.S. alone!

Facebook 6 Month Traffic Data

Facebook 6 Month Traffic Data

The “Big Three”

Here’s a graph of the 6 month unique U.S. visitor data for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook:

Twitter LinkedIn Facebook 6 Month Traffic Data

Of note is Twitter passing LinkedIn in terms of unique visitors betwwen February and March of 2009, but the real standout on the chart is just how many more people in the U.S. visit Facebook over LinkedIn and Twitter. Yes, I know they are 3 totally different types of social media/networking sites – but the size of the chasm is quite dramatic, and Facebook does not show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

I will continue to monitor the traffic data for the “Big Three” and share it with you – please share this information with others. Thanks!