Free LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Job Seeker Advice

I watched a YouTube video the other day in which someone was charging job seekers for LinkedIn profile optimization.

It bothered me.

While I appreciate capitalism and don’t fault people for recognizing and seizing an opportunity, I think that in today’s economy, job seekers deserve all of the help they can get, and the currently unemployed certainly don’t need another expense.

Seeing that YouTube video inspired me to create a series of six videos sharing my knowledge of LinkedIn Groups, Jobs, Companies, profile optimization and Internet research to help people make better use of LinkedIn in their current and future job search efforts.

I know quite a bit about LinkedIn, but I don’t claim to be a LinkedIn “expert.” There are quite a few LinkedIn “gurus” online who will teach you how to leverage LinkedIn. However, unlike many self-proclaimed LinkedIn “gurus,” I actually use LinkedIn daily to find people for recruiting purposes, I train hundreds of recruiters annually on how to use LinkedIn to find candidates, and routinely assist several hundred recruiters nationally and internationally who are using LinkedIn specifically to find talent.

While many recruiters know about all of the fantastic services, functionality and features LinkedIn has to offer, I am well aware than the average non-recruiter does not. While 30 minutes of video only begins to scratch the surface of what LinkedIn has to offer job seekers, I sincerely hope that the information I have compiled helps you or someone you know in their job search.

Please pay it forward and freely share this with anyone who you think might benefit.

Completing Your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn Profile Search Optimization


You can find the answer to why your LinkedIn profile doesn’t rank at the top of search results here.

Leveraging LinkedIn Groups


Using LinkedIn to Search for Jobs


Using LinkedIn for Employer and Industry Research


How to Use Bing to Find LinkedIn Profiles Out of Your Network


Would You Like to Learn More?

Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know more about when it comes to your LinkedIn profile and using LinkedIn in your job search – I’d be happy to cover it in a future post.


  • Interesting post. On the one hand, very well put together with really useful information, especially for job-seekers. Your reputation preceeds you and I doubt anyone would question your knowledge on this topic.

    On the other hand, many of those trying earn a crust from charging people for LinkedIn guidance are people who probably spent time building up a level of knowledge, fell on hard times, just found a way to earn enough to keep going – and now find it’s all being given away for free.

    I’d guess that bothers them.

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  • Megan Calimbas

    This moves me. For the majority of us in the industry our largest rewards come from truly helping put job seekers (no matter how active or passive) in a better place… and its easy to forget most of them aren’t professional resume writers or know to put a good networking profile together. I will definitely share this.

  • Glen
    You go above and beyond to help others! thank you!

  • Love this advice! And love that you posted it for free!

    That said, I don’t see anything wrong with charging people to optimize their online profiles. What’s the difference between helping someone create an extraordinary LinkedIn profile and a resume writer?

    There are plenty of “how-to” resume sites out there that provide information that’s totally free. That’s the beauty of the internet! Thing is, there’s only so much you can learn from tutorials. Sometimes you just need someone who “knows more.” A second pair of eyes to poke holes in your ideas, ask questions, point out places that need clarifying, etc. A tutorial can’t do that. Coaches, trainers, consultants, etc. They all do this. It’s like borrowing workout DVD from the library and hiring a personal trainer. Both can be beneficial, but someones one-on-one is the kick in the pants you need.

    How-tos can only take you so far. And if a job seeker (or whoever) has the money, what’s wrong with creating a business surrounding that?

    Loved your videos though, keep it up and thanks for sharing!

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  • Glen, I totally agree with your post! Your expertise shines through in the quick clean video posts, excellent job.

  • I think the other thing is that “generic” linkedin or resume tips are fine and dandy; but if there are certain things that are specific to individuals, that’s something you’re not going to find from them; and that’s where it is sometimes beneficial to pay for expert advice specific to oneself.

  • I appreciate the comments!

    I must say, however, that I do find it interesting that 3 out of the 5 comments generated so far have a tone that suggests either I’m somehow hurting those people who are trying to earn a buck off of LinkedIn training advice, or that free and “generic” information isn’t valuable as information and advice that carries a premium. I hope no one really subscribes to the particular fallacy that if you pay for something, it must be valuable.

    I’ve seen some premium LinkedIn training content and I’ve been surprised by how little some people get for their dollar. Some of it has been simply incorrect. Perhaps that was poor sampling on my part, I am not sure. However, what some people are charging for opportunistically (nothing wrong with that) isn’t worth anything at all in my opinion, which I am entitled to.

    Quite honestly, all I was trying to accomplish in creating this article was to help people leverage LinkedIn to assist them in advancing their career and finding their next position, not so much in gaining attention for not charging for my free LinkedIn advice. :-)

  • Glen – thanks for tailoring this to the job seekers… agree that we should try to help them as much as we can… and support your recommendation to pay it forward.

    And, in the world that revolves around me, I’ll be sharing this with my daughter Katie who is graduating in a few weeks with her bachelor’s degree in psychology… and who just yesterday asked if I thought she should pay for LinkedIn Profile Optimization!!

    Always a fan….. thanks!! — Sue

  • Great content thank you. Any chance to have a version the we wan embed with all the necessary references on

    This is a platform that I put together with some colleagues quite recently in order to support job seekers and enhance their employability or develop their career. The content is really good for them. We made a link already.


  • Ted Meulenkamp

    Hi Glenn,

    great stuff. Hope to say hi today at the Linkedin Talent Connect in SF.


  • Ramachandra

    Hi Glen,

    That was very usefull information given by u for free.
    Thanks a lot.


  • Thank you. I’m a career coach just found your page a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for information about tuning Linkedin to optimize being found and one of your links came back. This is one you did a while back training recruiters on how to find qualified candidates. It’s one of the best descriptions of how resume DBs are searched I’ve run into, so I had to blog on that and send folks to watch. Really terrific stuff.

    Thank you.

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  • Tina Krater

    Thank you for sharing this incredibly valuable insight – you’ve provided a lot of guidance on how users can optimize their LI profiles for a variety of uses. I’ll be sharing this with many!!

  • Is it fair for a recruiter to charge a client a 20% placement fee when the company could probably find that person on their own if they put in the effort on LinkedIn?

    Of course it is fair because they see value in paying you to do it for them rather then learning how to do it themselves and then putting in the time to do it.

    It is hypocrisy to turn around and say you don’t believe a job seeker should pay for services they value but a company that is struggling in this economy should pay you a five figure placement fee.

    Business is built on an exchange of value for money.

    My sentiment is you should not charge for information. Selling information is not a sustainable business model because someone will always come along and make the information available for free. Job seekers and hiring companies both deserve the opportunity to learn how to do it for free. There is no ‘secret’ information that you only get if you pay for it.

    Outsourcing hiring to a recruiter or LinkedIn to a job search coach or anything else for that matter – where someone else that can do it faster and better then you can and where this frees up your time to do other things is a proven wise business investment.

    Greig Wells

  • PortlandTAMgr

    I cannot tell you how many times I have shared this with job seekers. Such good information to get people thinking about thier social media profile/brand. Thanks Glen!

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  • Karen Leach

    Glen, since finding your “priceless” resource this morning, I have doubled my group memberships and had 5 new connection requests accepted.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 

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  • Kathyaguiar

    Hi Glen,
    Thank you for this wonderful post.
    Passing your great work along to the job candidates that I serve in Rhode Island.
    Thanks again!
    Kathy Aguiar

  • AmiraGiselle

    Hi Glen,

    Would you happen to have an email address I can reach out to? Feel free to email me,