Two of the Coolest Recruiting Sites I’ve Ever Seen

I have come across some interesting recruiting sites over the years, and I wanted to share 2 among the best with you today.

Both offer fully interactive experiences, leverage gamification, are brilliantly designed and executed, and happen to have been produced by…(wait for it)…the Swedish Armed Forces.


You’ll want to set aside a little bit of free (non-prime) time to participate in each to fully appreciate just how good they are and the work that went into them, as well as to see how well you actually perform against the averages, and perhaps even send a challenge to a friend to see if they can beat your performance.

Online Recruitment Gamification

This first siteĀ is particularly interesting and well produced – each time I go back to visit it I continue to marvel at the experience.

After you participate in the assessment and review how well you performed (and learn a little bit about yourself in the process!), you may further appreciate that it came out back in 2009.

Click on the image below to begin. The full assessment and review of results can take about 10 minutes. If you don’t have the time to take the full test – at least take the first couple of challenges to get a sense of the thought and effort that went into developing this experience.



After you complete the assessment and review your results, you can click on “challenge” on the top menu bar to send the test to someone else and see if they can equal or better your achievement.

How’s that for gamification?

The second Swedish Armed Forces online recruitment experience tests your multi-tasking, spatial thinking, momory and concentration abilities.

Click on the image below to take the assessment and see how well you perform against the average of others who have take the challenges.



If you want to see how well I did in my first attempt at the multi-tasking assessment, check out this video and prepare to be entertained as I struggle at the end:



In case you were wondering, yes – I tried it a few more times (the gamification works, what can I say?) and I performed marginally better. :)

What Are Some of Your Favorite Online Recruitment Sites/Experiences?

Now that I’ve showed you mine – show me yours.

What are some of the best online recruitment sites and experiences you’ve come across?