LinkedIn Demographics and Visitor Statistics

If you have ever been curious about LinkedIn’s demographics, as well as LinkedIn’s visitor statistics broken down by country, city, and state, you’ve come to the right place! A while ago I stumbled across a very interesting and powerful website called Quantcast, which is used by 9 of the top 10 media agencies because they quite accurately quantify Internet audiences.

While some sites are not directly measured and only have estimated data at this time (such as Facebook and Twitter), LinkedIn is fully “quantified.” In other words, Quantcast directly measures LinkedIn’s visitors – which gives us some very interesting insights.


LinkedIn Global Monthly Visitors

This chart shows the monthly global unique visitors to LinkedIn for the past 6 months. Note that Quantcast claims they are the only measurement service that tells you the difference between cookies and people, which is important because a single person can be represented by many cookies (home, work, phone, different browsers).


LinkedIn Global Monthly Visits

This chart shows the total number of visits to LinkedIn for the past 6 months


LinkedIn Visits Per Person

The most recent data from Quantcast shows that the average number of visits per person to LinkedIn is 2.8 per month.


LinkedIn Pageviews Per Person

Here we see that the most recent data from Quantcast shows that the page-views per person has been trending down slightly, and is 28 for the U.S. and 29 globally. Quantcast_LinkedIn_Page_Views_per_Person

LinkedIn Global Traffic Frequency and Business Activity

Quantcast breaks down visitor traffic into three categories:

  1. Passers By, users who visit a site or interact with media once per month;
  2. Regulars, those who visit a site or interact with media more than once but less than 30 times per month;
  3. Addicts, those that interact with a site 30 or more times per month.

This data shows that 1% of all visitors to LinkedIn are responsible for 25% of all LinkedIn visits, and that 66% of visitors to LinkedIn visit only once a month.

I have a hunch that the 1% “Addicts” responsible for 25% of all LinkedIn visits are recruiters and HR professionals. What do you think?

Also, over 60% of visitors globally and in the U.S. visit LinkedIn from home rather than from work/a business. Quantcast_LinkedIn_Business_vs_Home

LinkedIn Visitor Demographics

There aren’t too many surprises with LinkedIn’s visitor demographics. As a professional social networking site, the age, income, and college graduates/post graduates are pretty much where most people would expect them to be. For those who have argued that using social networking sites for recruiting purposes may be discriminatory, we can see that the male/female split is very close to 50/50. However, African Americans and Hispanics seem to be underrepresented on LinkedIn with regard to Internet averages, while Asians are overrepresented based on Internet averages.


LinkedIn Visitors by Country

This chart shows the latest data (from May) for the top 48 countries by number of visitors by country – not the number of LinkedIn profiles per country. The U.K. and India are duking it out for #2 and #3 globally, and it’s an incredibly close match! Although not shown below, the fewest visits came from Antarctica. While that may not be surprising, the fact that there were any visits to LinkedIn from Antarctica is cool! :-) LinkedIn_Quantcast_Countries_1 LinkedIn_Quantcast_Countries_2 LinkedIn_Quantcast_Countries_3

LinkedIn Visitors by City

This chart shows the latest data (from May) for┬áthe top 48 cities from which visitors come to LinkedIn. I am not sure what “Unknown” represents, other than the obvious – do you have an idea? Some folks in the United States may be surprised to see that the #1 city is London. Furthermore, out of the top 5 “known” cities, only 1 is from the United States, demonstrating how truly global LinkedIn is. LinkedIn_Quantcast_Cities_1 LinkedIn_Quantcast_Cities_2 LinkedIn_Quantcast_Cities_3

LinkedIn Visitors By State

I don’t think ┬ámany people would be surprised to see that the most visits to LinkedIn come from California. LinkedIn_Quantcast_United_States I hope you found the LinkedIn visitor demographics and data interesting! If you haven’t already, I recommend you investigate other sites using Quantcast, even if the sites aren’t directly measured. The estimated values are still quite interesting!