Black Belt Boolean

I know – you may be asking yourself, “What is this guy thinking?” A blog about Boolean queries when all the buzz is currently about Social Networking, Mobile Recruiting and such? True – Boolean search strings aren’t as sexy, shiny or new as Facebook, Twitter or Cloud Recruiting. However, in the hands of an expert, and in my direct experience, advanced Boolean search strategies and tactics used in conjunction with internal/corporate resume databases and job boards (yes, I said job boards – more on that later) can and do yield higher quantities of highly relevant results more quickly than any other method of talent identification and acquisition.

I’ll be working hard on making this blog a solid resource for those interested in learning more about unlocking the latent and true power of Boolean logic when used for Talent Mining – using resume databases to identify and acquire talent. Period.

Be on the lookout for a Boolean search training guide, Boolean search examples for real-world hiring profiles across multiple industries, how to tap into the Hidden Talent Pools (HTPs) in every resume database, as well as apples-to-apples comparisons of the search results (quantity and quality) for the Internet vs. the Job Boards vs. internal/coporate resume databases vs. LinkedIn. You’ll be able to count on me to cut through the hype of the recruiting industry’s tendency to focus on the next “hot thing” and go straight for real-world results.

In short – I’ll be bringing sexy back to Boolean searching. Thanks for visiting!