Video: My thoughts on Sourcing & the Future of Recruiting


At LinkedIn’s 2014 Talent Connect event in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the topic of up-skilling recruiting teams.

Watch this short video to hear my thoughts on the ideal sourcing/recruiting team alignment, critical skills for any recruiting team, and the future of recruiting (hint –  it has something to do with data).

  • Glen, I like how you recognize that by extracting the data analysis to produce a predictive model (from sources or yet to be determined “honey pots”) will be the norm rather than the minority. This ties in nicely with source per hire analysis which can be used to further justify an increase in recruiting spend to further reduce loss of revenue by keeping the position open longer than it has to. Having a predictive model in place with substantial data for presentation in a dashboard helps keep the C suite in check by providing good analysis. It’s good to see someone else is on the same page of recruiting music!

  • As a noob, Glen confirms everything I thought about sourcing, simply because I had no preconceived ideas that someone who is far more experienced might have aka data/profile bias.
    Thanks again, Glen.Insightful and thoughtful as always.

  • claudia

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