How to View Full Profiles of Your 3rd Degree LinkedIn Network


Just a short while ago I posted a piece on how some people are no longer able to view full profiles of their 3rd degree LinkedIn connections when logged in and searching withing LinkedIn.

At the time of the article, I had not been affected, and I kept checking daily to see if and when I would be.

Alas, the time has come – I can no longer view full profiles of 3rd degree LinkedIn connections with my free account when I am searching within LinkedIn.

Well, I take that back.

Although I no longer enjoy automatically being treated to full profiles of 3rd degree connections while searching LinkedIn with my free account, here are 4 ways in which I can view a full profile of my 3rd degree connections:

#1 Use Google or Bing to search for the profile while not logged in

I can take the headline phrase or a unique combination of keywords from the 3rd degree profile I am trying to view and use Bing or Google to search for that phrase/term combo in another browser in which I am not logged into LinkedIn (or use Chrome incognito).

Here you can see Chrome on the left in which I am logged into LinkedIn, and IE on the right in which I am not logged into LinkedIn.



#2 Search for them by name

Even while still logged into LinkedIn, I can quickly X-ray for the person’s public profile, snag their full name, then search for them by name.

Because LinkedIn allows you to see full profiles of people you search for by name (they assume you know the person, otherwise why would you know their name? <unless you’re a sourcer>), you can see their full profile while logged in.



#3 Export to PDF

I can also view full profiles of 3rd degree LinkedIn connections if I click on the blue arrow below “See Expanded View” and select “Export to PDF.”



Once I open the PDF, I can see the full profile contained within.



Additionally, when I scroll to the last page of the PDF, I find a link with “Contact <first name> on LinkedIn.”



When I click on the link, I am taken to their profile on LinkedIn, which I can view in its entirety (note the content from the web profile below is the same as the PDF content above).



I tried using the same link format [] with different profile ID’s but that didn’t work for me.

Darn tokens.

#4 Share the profile

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve actually never written about the “Share” method in which you can send a profile to someone else and copy yourself to get a link to view the full profile.

While I know this is a popular method for many, it has never really been a viable method for me because my network is so large that when I try to type in a name or use the LinkedIn address book, the system either times out or I get tired of waiting for names to show up/load.

For the sake of this post I tried to be very patient and after a few attempts I was able to share a 3rd degree profile with someone, copy myself, and then view the full profile from the link in the message in my inbox.

However, it’s much faster and easier for me to simply use methods 1-3 above.

Of course, the LinkedIn team is likely already looking into closing these holes, but some of these methods have been published and in use for years, so you may be able to enjoy them for quite some time.

Sharing is Caring

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They’ll thank you.


  • Bruce Bixler

    I have found a couple of other ways to view their names. One is to check their recommendations sometimes people will say I recommend Joe Smith for…Another way is to check their company and especially the personal websites or blogs listed on their LinkedIn profile and one last way is to check the people also viewed this also viewed other people .profiles Go to the other person profile and look at the other people they viewed SOMETIMES the view is of the original person you were looking at and it reveals the whole name. The last one is only 50/50 chance.

  • Neil

    This article is referring to the recent change where you can no longer see full details of peoples profiles who are 3rd degree connections. What you are talking about is how to get the last name of someone who’s a 3rd degree connection. That’s a completely different topic and not what the above is referring to, however what you’ve listed is correct. With regards to the “people also viewed” trick. It works much better if you click on a “people viewed” then on THAT profile again click “people viewed”. As long as you haven’t strayed too far from the original person occupation or area they are invariably on that page as Linkedin can’t detect what you are trying to accomplish when there’s more than one degree of separation.

  • Brian Rovetta

    Bruce–another way to open names up: Google LinkedIn, location, their first name, and their headline while already signed in…..I’ve never had that person be further than 2-3 down on my google search list, and it opens up to a full profile too. (Basically adds #2 above to name identification. Search: LinkedIn, Brian, Qatar, “Finding The World’s 5 Star Professionals”

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  • Kiandra

    Great tips Glen! I’m curious about the 3rd method. Do you need to be logged into Linkedin? I did a test of that one and didn’t see the full profile. Thanks

  • Jaja

    thanks for the tips…it is indeed very helpful!:)

  • Great tips, thanks Glen !

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  • Helpful info – exactly what I was looking for – thanks!

  • Michael Geradts

    There is a trick that will work

    In this URL there is a number

    First open the url.

    Than search for the number of the profile you want to see.

    Past that number in the URL and you can view every thing

  • I’ve swapped/pasted ID’s into other LinkedIn URL’s, but I haven’t seen the one you’ve suggested before, which is shorter and more convenient. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Ally

    Thank you so much for this link! Saves me a lot of time!

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  • Freddy Alvarado

    This is the exact link I used before. But now whenever I try to enter the URL, LinkedIn automatically send me to the “people you may know” page. By any chance do you know how to revert the process?

  • natecarrier

    Export to PDF on 3rd degree connections has disappeared. However, sharing the profile to a connection still leaves the link in your sent mail.

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