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What Happens When Twitter is Down?

Sometime in the mid-morning I was trying to send a quick Direct Message via TweetDeck to one of my valued network contacts and it didn’t go through. I waited and tried a few more times, and after further failures – I headed directly to Twitter.

My Internet connection was good – I could navigate other sites, but when I tried visiting Twitter, I got a “network timeout” message stating that the server at Twitter.com was taking too long to respond.

Then I went to Google and searched for: [Twitter down]

I uncovered Twitter’s status blog and another helpful site appropriately named downforeveryoneorjustme and found out that Twitter was defending against a denial-of-service attack.

Ouch. Well, since it was obvious I wasn’t going to get my Direct Message through to my contact, you know what I did?

Yep – I picked up the phone and I called her.

Imagine that!