• >If it is not present, you can use the method I detailed in the YouTube video

    Sometimes people have their public profile blocked so that you don’t get the full name searching the Linkedin site through Google. Try this. With the person’s first name search their titles, company and past companies to find them at other sites, where their full name may be listed (good for people who are conference speakers).

  • Jeff Zweig

    hi glen, thanks for this very useful post.

    one question: since LI only shows super connectors as having 500+ connections without letting us know the true total, when doing a search sorted by no of connections, do you know if linkedin sorts the results so that someone with, for example, 2000 connections would appear in the list ahead of someone with 800 connections or could all super connectors be mixed together without preference to the true total? thanks!

  • Jeff Zweig

    glen, would the following also work to find supers with especially high no of connections?:

    do a search for “open networker” on people search to identify LIONs who are 3rd degree or beyond. then either join common groups and connect or follow whatever offline procedure they have for providing their LI email.

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  • Isaac Tanner-Dempsey

    I’d be interested to see a high converting connection request template