What to do if Google Thinks You’re Not Human

Google_I'm_Human!Have you ever been searching the Internet with Google to find resumes or LinkedIn profiles, and instead of getting your search results, you get a nice apology from Google saying that your computer or network might be sending automated queries and can’t process your request?

In the past week alone I have received a number of inquiries from curious sourcers and recruiters as to what to do about this.

Typically, this notice is accompanied by a CAPTCHA that will allow you to enter some characters to prove that you’re human.

You are human, right?


Performing a lot of X-Ray searches of LinkedIn profiles seems to trigger Google to ask me for proof of humanity.

However, just the other day I was searching for resumes online, and when I clicked to see the “cached” version of a search result, I got a different Google apology. This one didn’t even allow me to prove my humanity. Dang!

While Google's sorry, they won't always allow you the opportunity  to actually prove you're human and get your search results

If you choose to click on “Google Help“, you’ll see that they advise you to #1 Check for malware on your computer, #2 Contact your network administrator, and #3 If the problem persists, have your network administrator contact Google.

Apparently, sending automated queries of any sort to Google is against their Terms of Service, which states that among other things, it is unacceptable to use software to Google to determine how a website or webpage ranks on Google for various queries, ‘Meta-searching’ Google, and performing ‘offline’ searches on Google.

Last time I checked, manually searching for resumes and LinkedIn profiles isn’t any of the above.

What To Do

Because I get stopped by Google’s CAPTCHA quite frequently, I did actually contact Google, inasmuch as you can contact Google by filling out their form. Not sure if anything came of that as I have never heard back (not that I was expecting to).

However, what I have found is that simply clearing my browser’s cookies gets this annoying search result interruption to go away, at least for a while. You can be selective in clearing specific cookies or you can delete them all – which will remove your saved settings for sites you’ve previously visited. Small price to pay in order to get your search results from Google.

You could also abandon Google altogether and switch to Bing, which doesn’t make you suffer through proving you’re human. Plus, Bing is actually a much better way to X-Ray search LinkedIn.

I hope that helps you if you ever got blocked by Google. Let me know if you have any other suggestions/fixes for this issue.


  • Arch Stanton

    Here’s how I get around GOOGLES CRAP.
    Google is a search engine and if it refuses to do it’s job then don’t use it.

  • Anwar


  • Anwar

    This has become more and more frequent these days. I can’t even visit sites I regularly visit, and They ask for captcha multiple times for same site.

  • kowshik shahin

    Its really so disturbing and I need tips for getting out from these.

    (selling watches)

  • Mikko

    recaptcha sees me as a bot all the time so i have to prove everytime that i’m not a bot

  • Matthew Tom

    Looking for app from where you can download youtube videos easily ? Well just try Tubemate


    I wish Google will stop acting like I’m DoS’ing their servers! It’s too easy to trigger the captcha mode. The issue occurs with the site: option… And on PaleMoon 27.0.3, the captcha solving fails! Brilliant!

  • Smiley33zz

    me too This is getting annoying 7x in the last hour OMG !

  • Arch Stanton

    Another interesting thing about Google is if you use a VPN you are inundated with Captchas.
    So, once again I just use Yahoo or a different service.
    You like that?
    Free Market, just use someone else that doesn’t give you a hassle.
    This is just like Obama claiming he would have gotten a 3rd term if the constitution would have let him run.
    Oblivious to THE FACT that Liberals were completely rejected last election he actually believes he’s loved and wanted.
    Less, Mayors, Less Governors, Lost Congress, Lost The Senate, Lost The Presidency as well as Supreme Court Justices and all his garbage repealed.

    Keep it up Google, keep playing games because like those Bloom Boxes on your roof that didn’t pay off you will lose on this one.


    Google’s captcha sucks circumcised dicks because it has nothing to do with stopping forum spam. They’re using everyone to program their image detection algorithms.

    Problem is, the more you force users to answer, the more data Google collects. So making it easy on people doesn’t make them any money. Why not make them answer two… or three… or four… every single time they want to post?

    Google captcha sucks because they’re greedy jews. Final answer.

  • SortingHat

    Best solution is use Bing or Yahoo. Google is a monopoly like AT&T simply since they are the most well known and can dictate rules which affects how your page is ranked/viewed.

    That is as close to a monopoly as legally allowed and AT&T got broken up when people have had enough.

  • SortingHat

    Google is owned by Hollywood which is owned by Jewish bankers.

  • SortingHat

    The funny heart stopper would be if all the employees of Google all use Apple I-Macs so don’t even see the problems we are having.

  • Rosca111

    its not working for me,what shall i do??

  • Ryan Lee

    But what about search operations?

  • I’ve started using Opera to do my Googling – instead of Chrome. It seems like if I type too fast and do too many searches close together Chrome won’t load results for me. ? Much quicker with Opera.

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  • Dhiraj Dutta

    i m a content writer and for searching through internet and websites is a everyday task for me. so it is sometimes like i m seeing a traffic signal going green to red whenever those CAPTCHA thing pops out.

  • Teresa Baptista

    Hi Belt. hi everyone
    Google recaptcha is a VIRUS and it hijacks users accounts throughout internet.
    Each site owner, developer and user is spreading the disease because they trust google and do not question the objective nor the means google use to attack us with every click.
    Is insidious and criminal.

  • w00t

    I don’t know which simple sites you have checked, but deleting cookies DOES NOT help with most websites because the fingerprint of your browser is also checked.
    If there is an easy way to evade/fix recaptchas, it would be all over the internet.
    With fix I mean to convince recaptcha that you are human after you clicked on x pictures and solved them correctly.
    Because as soon as recaptcha starts to show pictures, it won’t go away for many hours.
    You can change your IP address and delete all your browser cookies and cache as you want, it won’t help at all.

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  • Sean McCartin

    Proof please.

  • L.Breed

    Not true, Recaptcha is actually used by well known sites to avoid bots from using their services. And if it was a malicious source it wouldn’t be a virus but just a malware.

  • Sean McCartin

    Ok… pretty sure you intended to reply to the OP and not me with that. I was just asking the OP to show their sources.

  • L.Breed

    yea, my bad, I’m using a phone lol.

  • James Gordon

    Has anyone ever had any luck in getting through the pictures. It implies that it will allow you access if you successfully complete the search, and eliminate all pictures that show X but in addition to many of them being ridiculously ambiguous, (e.g. is a truck a car or something else) I’ve never seen any evidence that there is an end to the sequence.

  • Martin Smith

    It is outrageous how they manipulate heir users, which is everyone. Right – tthey invented a great product. But they should back off and share its governance with other and wiser heads than theirs. For they are nerds plus, not philosopher kings. Imagine if you had to call the concierge every time it was thought you were switching on too many lights. That is how mad i is. And their arrogant invisibility makes it worse. I think switching from a VPN to no VPN in China (to speed up a slow connection) triggers the issue in my case.

  • Martin Smith

    Based on he one of many of he comments below – although one or two might be seen as a bit out of order – what I say is quite fair criticism. I am relieved. I don’t know the American perspective and I am sad there seem to be culture wars going on there. While being brutally honest – which is always good – people need o be kinder, too. We are all a community.

  • Darrin W

    I have experienced the Recaptcha simply not working, and it will keep on testing me even though I solved the “;tests”. VERY, VERY, VERY annoying……..

  • Ken1

    Use Bing. Whenever google blocks me I use alternative instead for 3 weeks in revenge. I have not used google in years.