Twitter 101 for Recruiters

Twitter Icon by JoshSemans v2There is certainly no shortage of articles written on how to use Twitter, let alone leveraging it for recruiting.

If you want an ultra-mega-so-huge-you-may-get-lost-in-it Twitter guide check out Mashable’s. If you want something short and concise that will cut right to the heart of how to effectively leverage Twitter for recruiting, read on.

I’ve updated the content of this 2010 post – you can find the new one here.

  • Hi..Glen..

    All your articles have such amazing insight!

  • Patrick Ryan

    In addition, here is a great blog on how to import all your LInkedIn contacts. Of my 950 contact which are 75% candidates I’ve interviewed over the past two years; 280 were found by Twitter when using the find friends. Here’s the blog:

  • Great Post, it amazes me that some people still se no value in Twitter. I wrote this recently which also may be useful.

  • Great read, i believe they apply to any business owners trying to break into the twitter sphere.

  • Tracy Bramhall

    I’m starting a new role with a Recruitment Company next week and plan on using Twitter to help me out! This is a great piece of information – thanks for the heads up!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, Glen for the insight into useful tools. I’m relatively new to the social technology and appreciate the info.

  • Glen, great post as always. We agree with your point that it’s important to “go where the people are.” Unfortunately, as you point out, scale can make targeting relevant talent difficult. Your post demonstrates how effective social media can be when leveraged in tandem with job board access. Monster’s 6Sense Power Resume Search, for instance, allows employers to “go where the people are,” offering the scale of Monster’s global database with precise, targeted and relevant results.

    This slate offers a great departure point for locating these candidates, networks or aligned influencers on Twitter, making Twitter a much more effective method of talent identification and acquisition. After all, it’s where the people are.

    Matt Charney
    Social Media Engagement Manager
    Monster Worldwide | @monsterworks

  • Good post, thanks for great points.
    What do you (or others) think about using hashtags in your job posts to help people find you?

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  • heather langdon

    Attempted to view the updated post & webpage is not found. Any update would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Roopa Sharma

    Hey Glen, Got a 404 on clicking the link for the update