• Paul

    Just a brilliant read as usual, I would have loved to have seen the orignal spec to see where and how that string was built!

    Thanks as always Glen!

  • Excellent article Glen ! I’ve heard recruiters want unique candidates said “resumes in the job board database are low hanging fruits”, or they can do internet search themselves so they want researchers to find special way tapping into the talents…

    One size doesn’t fit all, and monetary ROI is overlooked big time in recruitment research. You get what you pay for.

  • Ben C

    Once again you make something that a scary percentage of recruitment professionals think is the impossible, seem more like simple common sense.

    This is a great anecdote and once again I’ll be directing all my colleagues to your article. Many thanks. #hopetothemasses/lightattheendofthetunnel

  • Seriousy impressive…..Well Done!

  • George Clay

    Thanks Glen, great as always!…since this was 2 years I thought I would just cut&paste the string and see what results it would bring back today, and wanted to change a few things and see how the results varied. But all I get back is your article!
    Is there something I’m missing as far as being able to run that search string now?

  • Hey Glen

    Great Post.

    Now what would you do if your were working on a shoe string budget and have not paid up for Monster and Yahoo jobs?

    Just curious

  • jer

    i <3 the fact that google is hiring off monster

  • @Jer – I *know,* right? We all know Monster only has desperate unemployable “C” players. :-)

    @Tony – I’d first hit our internal database of 4M candidates, then LinkedIn and the usual free sources.

    @George – that string was designed for Monster. I just tried it there and it still works magic.

    @Sara – Agreed! Monster does have a huge resume database, and it is worth paying for.

    @Ben and Fran – thanks!

    @Paul – I was able to dig up the original specs:

    Looking for someone with hands-on experience testing networking equipment(specifically routers or switches, an understanding of networking protocols, experience in testing, a background in IP network design, operations, or management, and a passion for delivering top quality products.

    Design, develop, and execute test plans for networking features, equipment, and systems. Contribute to the design of new networking systems.
    Working with and/or developing test automation tools.
    Certify software releases for general use. Working with development teams to develop software and hardware systems.

    BS in computer science or equivalent. MS or PhD is a plus
    Experience working with and testing multiple L2 and L3 networking protocols is an absolute must.
    Experience testing and knowledge of Routing Protocols
    Experience testing and releasing networking products.
    Must have worked in an Engineering Network Test Environment- NOT Production!
    A strong understanding of networking systems including TCP/IP and Ethernet.
    Working experience of test tools including Smartbits, Ixia and protocol analyzers.
    Linux experience is a plus.

  • Anshuman Mukherjee

    Good Article..

    Thank you, for sharing


  • WP Strauss

    Love reading your posts and the way you extract value from data.

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  • Sanoop

    Very interesting…

    Thanks for sharing this…


  • Thanks Glen, your articles and information are extremely helpful. I distributed your blog to my entire team as highly suggested reading! They loved it as well!