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  • As a non-recruiter, I can back up much of what you’ve stated here. I don’t know how many “great opportunities” I’ve heard of by phone (I do not answer – let them leave a msg) or email that are states away when I’m not looking to relocate. And the “used car saleperson” effect – yes, that too on multiple levels: as in trying to sell you anything and also trying to hype up something once you show interest.

    When I was looking for a job a while back I got so many poorly researched calls and mismatched job opportunities it was crazy. The calls became annoying. Most were from foreigners who could not even pronounce my name (or often spell it when they have my resume), which furthered the impression that they were of poor quality and had nothing to offer me. I soon began associating someone calling me who couldn’t say my name with telemarketers, even though I knew it was yet another recruiter. Those recruiters who do a bad job tarnish the reputation of all recruiters and how the profession is viewed for sure, especially when it’s a lot of them bombarding you and essentially wasting your time.

    It reminds me of the mortgage refinance blitz we went through a few years ago – I got 5 calls a day about it and they all acted so surprised I wasn’t interested in their offer or saving money. Many were looking at old loan info and thought we were paying more, just like many recruiters are looking at old resumes.

  • AlainaRivas

    It’s not only healthy but rather crucial to put ourselves in the prospects/candidates shoes. In speaking for myself at times it’s easy to become removed or disengaged in regards to the candidates feelings-especially when things are busy on our end. It takes a conscience effort to be cognisant of the topics you mentioned above. Thank you for writing this piece- We can all be reminded of the basics every now and again.

    Also, I’m so glad you mentioned the generalizations of age groups. I’ve worked hard to overcome this stereotype but probably about once a month the conversation comes up and once again this generalization becomes a hurdle I have to overcome. Wikipedia has me categorized as something I’m not – 60 minutes did a piece that called me (because of the age group I just so happened to fall in) a narcissistic praise hound. They point the finger at Mr. Roger’s for my generations down fall! Don’t believe me, check out http://bit.ly/MillenialsGenY. This type of thought process is not only absurd, it is absolutely insulting! I personally am much the opposite of every generalization that consultants and “experts” say I am… again due solely to my age.

    I’ll get off of my soapbox now but again.. Just wanted to say Thank you Glen for the post!!


    Love it. SO important. I will leave it at that!