First Look at LinkedIn’s New User Interface

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I just stumbled across this YouTube video created by Viveka von Rosen that walks through LinkedIn’s new user interface and functionality.

I don’t have LinkedIn’s new UI, and apparently neither does Viveka – she only caught the new look and feel when she was working with one of her client’s profiles. I thought I would share this video with you because I found some of the changes that Viveka demonstrates quite interesting, and you likely will as well.



If you watch all the way to the end, you will notice that there doesn’t appear to be any way to access LinkedIn Signal from any menu option, which is quite odd in my opinion, given how powerful and useful Signal is. However, I realize that most people don’t use it, so I can understand why LinkedIn might bury it into obscurity, however unfortunate.

For those of you with the new LinkedIn UI, you can still get to Signal here:

Thank you for sharing your discovery Viveka!


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  • mouse1999

    I saw this yesterday, good overview video – thanks Viveka and Glen for that.

    I may have missed it in the video – but they eliminated the “sort by” function for searching by relationship, relevance, number of connections, etc. which was a nice function. You can use the filters instead to get somewhat of the same result – just is a little more clunky.

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