• http://www.linkedin.com/in/thyagav Thyaga

    Glen, this is quite informative. Thanks for sharing.How do you rate the various tools listed on this article - infoGIST, TalentHook, Data Frenzy RAM, DaXtra, or AIRS SourcePoint.

  • http://www.booleanblackbelt.com Glen Cathey


    I am partial to DaXtra – they are happy to customize their solution, offer daily automated search and parse, highly searchable, and you can configure searches to fully exploit the best functionality of each site that your search will execute on.

    AIRS SourcePoint would come next – not as customizable, and don’t think they have implemented daily automated search and parse yet (but I am sure they could if they wanted to – HUGE feature!).

    Tight match between infoGIST and DataFrenzy’s RAM, and then TalentHook last (sorry guys!).

    That’s my personal opinion.

    Now, if each vendor wanted to give me free access for testing – I’d be happy to post a full review, but I find most people shy away from this because no solution is perfect and no one likes to have the limitations of their systems exposed publicly. However – isn’t it interesting that we can read unbiased reviews of practically every other kind of product we buy (e.g., electronics, cars, etc.)?

  • Matt H.

    Well 1) you are still in the industry, and 2) you would have intimate access to thousands of dollars worth of resumes just to to give a review on a blog.

    Also, you cant demo a piece of electronics or car and get something out of it for free that other wise would cost you money like a resume aggregator could.

    Im sure they could add restrictions if they really wanted too and I would very much value your opinion on these matters than someone else.

    Call and ask :)

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  • Pavan Parker

    Please can anyone tell me how to find resumes of US Citizens in Monster ? I want to eliminate all other Visa Status…… Bcz I need a candidate who can work on our W2…….

  • Nicholas Walker

    That’s pretty retarded since by far not everyone specifies their work authorization status. Do it manually.

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